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The Wastes await...

The Unending Wastes is a realm of fan creation set in the Fallout Universe. If you want to contribute to growing this wiki, make sure you read our about and rules pages before adding or editing content. Note, that all content on this wiki is not Canon (Unless it somehow becomes so, in which case you'll deserve a pat on the back), but is instead intended to build upon Canon. If you want to learn all about Fallout Canon, head on over to Nukapedia which is the Fallout Wiki. Also check out our Page Creation Guidelines to help you get started.

What is Fanon?

Canon is the what we could consider the "Reality" of Fallout. From Wikipedia: "Canon, in terms of a fictional universe, is any material that is considered to be "genuine," or can be directly referenced as material produced by the original author or creator of a series."

Fanon is Fan-created additions to the Canon universe, with anything contradicting Canon being "Elseworld" (AKA Alternate Reality).

Is this an RP Wiki?

Mostly No, but if you can get into contact with a fellow creator, you can organise roleplays and stories that can be posted onto the site. However, if you wish to have a dedicated RP Wiki, mosey on over to the Fallout Roleplaying Wiki to satisfy your needs. But do pay us a visit from time to time.

Favorite Unending Wastes Faction?

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Stories from the Wastes

  • 16/3/2017: We have a TvTropes page! Wander on over to it here!
  • 30/10/2016: Well, we've reached 30 pages people! But this is just the start for us, I think. Let's keep building and soon these wastes may yet become...glorious.

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